Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Memories


Babies, BBQ, Beer, Kids, Kabobs & Kickin’ Back…all the elements came together for our Memorial Day Eve get together.  We were celebrating those wonderful men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms.  We were celebrating blue skies, health and family and friends.  It had been a crazy week for all of us…

Exactly a week ago, the terrible tornado ripped through Joplin, MO and destroyed 70% of the town. One friend had been in Joplin all week cooking and serving food to tornado survivors. Another had been in Joplin inspecting buildings as a structural engineer.  Our yard had flooded out yet again during another torrential storm.  We all lost power this week and had to clean up downed trees, limbs and fences.  It was supposed to be the last week of school for our kids…except that they have a week’s worth of make up days from the snow storms earlier in the year. Babies were teething.  Kids were taking exams and graduating.  Some were sunburned from their first day out in the sun…others were pooped from sitting at the ball park all weekend, only to lose in the final game.  After weeks of rain and storms, the weather report showed sunshine for the next week!  We ALL had reason to kick back and relax!

IMG_2213  IMG_2161

IMG_2205  IMG_2160


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