Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Fabulous Handcrafted Finds…at A to Z in Alma!


I am not being paid by the lovely folks at A to Z to promote their products…I am just often amazed at what I find in that huge warehouse full of stuff!  And I found some goodies last week when I popped in (a 13 mile detour) to pick up more poly deco mesh for a party I am decorating. I decided to see what was new this week in the Christmas section and came across these wonderful hand crafted Christmas decorations make from wood and tin.  Below is Santa pulling his sled  through the woods.    There were no markings or tags with the manufacturer’s name, so I am clueless.  He’s going to live at my friend’s lake house…perfect for her rustic Christmas décor.IMG_4318

These fellows were on the shelf behind the Santa…whoa, Nellie!


I could just see them set under the tree before and after the Christmas so it doesn’t look so sad and bare.


This Santa won me over…he is in my attic now ready to come out in about 6 weeks.  His beard and moustache is painted tin, the rest of it is crafted from wood scraps.  The polka dots on his hat and the ornament on the base?  Stained bottle caps with thumb tacks!


The giraffe and reindeer are on wheels


Here’s Jumbo…precious all by himself!

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