Tuesday, October 18, 2011

War Eagle Craft Fair

Here’s what I found this past weekend at the world famous War Eagle Craft Fair!  It was a perfect day…cool, clear and breezy with the leaves changing colors…life is good in the Ozarks!  There was lots to check out from the truly talented, the gifted and gorgeous, and the sad but still hanging out tacky country hand painted turkey feathers.  I kid you knot!  

IMG_4324Scented puka pods from Africa look like miniature pumpkins and make a great potpourri.


Uh huh….an old, beaten up folding chair painted with a pumpkin.  Good to know they are still in demand!


I hardly saw the jewelry, because I was so interested in how this artist came up with lamp shades!


IMG_4334Hand crafted steel flowers for your garden…they will rust out to perfection!


Speaking of rust…this artist twisted lengths of barbed wire into wonderful trees, spheres and pumpkins.  And pigs, boots and cows!


Beautifully glazed soup bowls and serving pieces from a potter from KansasIMG_4340IMG_4341

The young ladies loved the hand knitted hats and silver rings…and the hamburgers!


Trailer after trailer of good food…tent after tent of handmade items!IMG_4349Crossing over the War Eagle river by the mill to check out more great items!

IMG_4350Guess I’m a sucker for rusted out yard art…


LOVED this booth…painted corrugated tin with whimsical flair!

IMG_4354IMG_4355IMG_4356IMG_4357IMG_4358Adore this mirror!

IMG_4360and bird houses…


This was a great retro décor booth…and she carried a lot of vintage Christmas glass ornaments


which I love and had to have…check out that tiny chandelier ornament!


I bought the red/pink ornaments and she wrapped them up…


just like they did back in the old days…the very old days and well before my time!


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