Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boys Keep Me Busy…

I haven’t posted in a good while and part of that is because I have been busy with projects, but mostly busy with my sons’ many activities.  Our senior just finished his golf season and actually allowed us to attend a few of his golf matches this season.  He did very well this year and we are very proud.  I forbid me from taking pictures, but I managed to get these taken from a far. IMG_1854


He is a busy young man and hard working.  In addition to his golf schedule, working part time, applying for college, keeping up his grades in his honor classes,  he also sings in the choir and loves it.   He is front and center below as the choir prepares to sing the National Anthem at a football game.IMG_1866 

He auditioned for and made the regional Men’s Choir…I love to see him in his performance tuxedo!IMG_2253

The choir prepares for hours on end for their concert (out of town) and it’s a good thing he has lots of good friends in this group.  They have a great time. Below he enjoys a McDonald’s meal as a pit stop on the way home.IMG_2258

Now we are waiting on college acceptance letters and scholarship applications to keep him busy in his “down time” and I cherish every minute he is still living under our roof.  Such a fine young man!

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