Sunday, March 1, 2015

How I Survived Storm “Sparta”

These winter storm names are ridiculous…we didn’t really expect anything from this front moving through except for a little rain.  I always expect the migraines that come and go with every low pressure cell that passes through the Arkansas River Valley, but that’s life for me.  I would have named this storm Excedrin because I had to take quite a few of them this past week to keep the head buzz to a dull thud.  Mother Nature laughs last. 

I started out prepping wood bases on my deck for a few Etsy orders on Friday afternoon and hadn’t realized the temperature had dropped a lot!  I had to come in after cutting out each board just to warm up my hands…the temp dropped to 23 by 1 pm.  I came inside and base coated them, took a shower and when I came back to the kitchen, I was amazed to see everything was white outside…huge flakes coming down!  And it didn’t stop until Saturday night…ending off with frozen rain and sleet.

IMG_6433We cooked together…’cause that’s what you do!  We made hot chocolate and slept in late.

IMG_6437I worked on a few projects…painted a mirror…

IMG_6435finished painting my Etsy orders…ironic to paint neon colors on flowers when it’s gray and icy outside. IMG_6439My husband and I did our fair share on binging on “House of Cards – Season 3”…of course, we finished it up in one day in between cooking and painting!

IMG_6436 created a photo box and started shooting pictures of note cards for my store…


we cooked some more, finally got out of our jammies and I started the big kitchen clean…like clean the toaster oven, coffee maker and inside of drawers kind of clean.  Now it’s time for a nap while the boys watch boy movies!  Have a good day!

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