Sunday, April 24, 2011

I’m Ready!!

I’m getting so excited, I can’t stand it!  Last night I watched a cheesy Lifetime movie about William and Kate, I recorded Barbara Walter’s special on the Royal Wedding last week, and have been scoping out articles online to get more of my Royal Wedding fix.  I so clearly remember getting up at 6:00am on July 29, 1981 and watching the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles with my entire family.  We were at the lake and the reception was not so great in the north Georgia mountains, but we were glued to every minute of it.  I was 19 and remember thinking I can’t believe this girl is just a year older than me going through all of this hoopla! There was definitely no fanfare or great celebration…we watched, had breakfast and coffee, and headed for the dock after a few hours of straining to get a clear picture on the TV.IMG_1739

Fast forward almost 30 years!  Is it because the woman who is marrying the future king of England is a commoner…the first descended from coal miners to join her husband on the throne that attracts me to this celebration?  Maybe.  Is it that I am surrounded by men in my house with not a spot of pink to be found that intrigues my feminine side?  After years of hosting manly themed Army, Cowboy, Star Wars and Lego birthday parties, I am ready to celebrate pink, frilly girlie-ness and watch this lovely, educated, normal woman become an equal to the future king of England!  I would be totally tickled if she was of Irish extraction and Catholic to boot!  I will not ever let the official Union Jack fly in my house…saints preserve us, no!  So pink look-a-likes will pay nod to the crown and the commoner!  I’m having good friends come over after taking kids to school and we will watch it together…thank heavens for Tivo!  Who ever heard of marrying on a Friday morning, anyway? 


  1. I hope the day will be as wonderful for you as for Kate & Will....
    I watched the day Diana married, I sat on my sofa in the middle of the night watching her funeral - I will be there watching her son marry - it will be a great day:)

  2. I remember those sad memories, too. It will be a great day!