Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Just That Kind of Day...

It's sleeting outside, my skin is so itchy even though I took an Aveeno bath and slathered with Eucerin, my husband feels like hunkering down with a book all day, the oldest is packing to go back to college tomorrow and the youngest is getting a horrible cold. Yup...we've got the winter blues!

Big time.   Sometimes, there's nothin' that a big 'ol pot of red beans and rice can't fix and it's been simmering all morning long.  The microwave is purring along cooking up a bowl of white rice and soon the French bread will be crispy with garlic butter.  The red tea kettle has been steaming up the kitchen with rosemary and lemon to add some humidity our static house.  Smells so nice! 

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