Monday, January 19, 2015

Love IS Everything...

What a day!  It was a perfect 65 degree day in the middle of January (MLK day) and I spent this day off from school with some young ladies who were ready to paint valentines.  This was a project that I wanted them to do their own thing (kind of) and gave them some options by sketching down a few ideas.  It's always fun to see what they choose!

Everyone knew what they wanted to do and that includes Miss Fifi, age 5.  She knew exactly what she wanted and set about doing it...bam...done in 5 minutes!

 Which left her time to visit with her pal Emily and her two sisters...and to entertain us all!

 Best buddies wanted to paint the exact same things...this is a common trend!

 These two even share the same paint palette!

 From kisses to flowers, everyone wanted pretty colors.

Don't ya just love it?

Flower power 1...

 and 2!

 Swirly Lilly Hearts...

The morning class on MLK Day...

 and the afternooners!

We had so much fun!

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