Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Those Rascally Boys!

My next door neighbors have three adorable little boys ages 7 to 2 with one more baby boy due this spring!  We haven’t seen much of them during the cold months of winter, but it has been so beautiful out the past week that I hear them playing in the backyard and see them peeking through the fence to see what’s going on in my own.  The girls and I caught them the other day during Valentine making craft class scoping us out and they did what girls do naturally…ignored them!

Imagine my chuckling when I got home last night and checked to find this note in the mailbox from them!  Hysterical and wonderful all in one 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper! 

IMG_6248 I took this picture and sent it to the boys this morning…Mom responded by saying that, “they created the “love breakers,” and their purpose is to not allow any “kissing business!”  She ended by saying she almost died when they told her they put them in mailboxes!  I painted the “smooches and Love Ya Valentines to put in my Etsy shop and just couldn’t resist sending them a bunch of pink kisses and hugs to them!  Love breaker! 

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