Friday, May 29, 2015

Graduation Decoration

I did a little decorating for my friend while she was busy decorating and organizing her son's big after graduation party for 500 kids!  I started at the nursery to get pinks and purples for her flower pots at the front door and the deck planters.

 Here's the front door planters...

and the deck happy!  I love all the texture and colors.

We kept things simple with graduation portraits.  He's one of my all time favorite kids...has the biggest heart, loves to have fun and is known far and wide for his Go-Pro and Selfie Stick.  He takes selfies with groups ('cause he's not vain...he just likes to capture the fun on film, files, that is.)  There's a selfie that he took at a football game with the the principal and student body behind him and one with the family on the beach right behind the goodies!

After his graduation, his parents were up all night working graduation after party and then came home to pack up the family to leave for vacation the next, we kept it simple...paper and plastic, easy throw away stuff!

I made little pennants with the names of all the schools he had attended (pre-k to college) and tucked them in the flowers.

I hung Go-Pro selfies from his senior year and many travels on the china cabinet (waiting for crown and doors to be installed!) glass panes...

 and hung a simple pennant banner congratulating Mr. Go-Pro!

 Lastly, I made a goodie bag for the family to take to the graduation with champagne poppers and large head fans to wave at him when he crossed his tassel!  Congratulations Go-Pro Guy!

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