Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quiz Bowl Conquerors!

Our youngest is on the Quiz Bowl Team and they do a pretty good job of shaming the parents in the audience with their knowledge and wit.  I recently chaperoned the teams to our Catholic Diocesan competition...well worth the 8 hours we were gone because his team won the entire tournament! 

 Big brains unite!  The competition was held at Subiaco Academy this year.  

His school's Quiz Bowl Team has quite a history for excellence in competition and have won state and national first place titles for years!  This record comes from their very dedicated coach and sponsor, Mrs. Tia Marsh.  We're all headed for the nationals in Chicago in a few weeks.  

And just like Little League Baseball, the best part of the game is the treat you get afterwards!  We terrorized the poor staff at the Paris, Arkansas Sonic for a drive home treat for the drive home!  Hail to the victors!

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