Thursday, May 7, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week...Breakfast to Go!

Our school has an amazing group of teachers!  I am a PTO officer and this year we wanted to do something different for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week during the first week of May.  One of our teachers sat with us and discussed what has been done in the past (lots of hurried home cooked lunches, little daily gifts, etc. that are WONDERFUL and always appreciated) and so we aimed for a different pace this year.  

We decided to surprise them with a breakfast to go box to get their day started.  We set up in the teacher's lounge and offered a coffee bar, handed them their boxed breakfast and told the teachers that there would be a daily drawing for prizes that included gift cards for car washes, manicures and pedicures, coffee shops, Best Buy, Staples, etc., large baked items likes cakes, pies, etc. to take home to the family, big ferns and potted plants, note-cards and I painted a few door hangers as well. 

We had everything ready to go by 7:30am...which meant we were up early putting it all together!  My dear friends and partners in crime met me at school bright and early with our 8th grade sons to do all the heavy lifting!

The coffee bar...not glamorous but exactly what they wanted!

One of our teachers posted this picture on Facebook as a look-see and thank you.  The breakfast box included a warm ham, cheese and spinach fritatta in a striped box, fruit bowl, muffins, juice and a mid-morning cookie snack.  Several student organizations gave the teachers daily useful items like school supplies, treats and a pencil shaped door hanger with their names.

We received several hand written thank you notes from grateful teachers a week later...always nice to get and especially before the craziness of the end of the year tests, exams and projects they will be working on!  Teachers have the best careers for little compensation for their countless hours and they make lifetime impressions on our's to you with our thanks!

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