Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Yard Art on Slate Tiles

Today is too good to be true...47 this morning and now at noon, the sun is blazing and it's 72. Glorious! So, I've got my deck door open and letting in all that sweet air. It's time to get a project started.
I'll put out the Halloween decorations this weekend and have really wanted something to put in the flowerbed to go along with the season. I have a few scraps of leftover wood from previous projects and was about to spray paint them black when I remembered my slate! Last year, our church had to replace the old slate tiles after a bad hail storm and I asked the roofing company if I could have some of the tiles. It will be perfect!
Here's the slate all scrubbed and clean. Welcome to my workshop...it looks amazingly like my kitchen!

I love using foam brushes and use round and flat ones on this project. There are no rules, no perfect shapes and sizes...we'll start with a plop of copper paint.

I paint on a "frame" of copper paint and then carry it out to the edge of the slate.

Here are the paints I'm using...
With a vibrant shade of orange, I paint on my tall pumpkin with a round foam brush. You are going to put on a few more coats on this and in brighter and darker shades...so while that's drying...
paint on your black "checkerboards" with a 2" brush.
Remember, this does not have to be done perfectly.
For the stem, I used a putty colored paint for the base, then added "metallic taupe" on the left to highlight, and a darker "mushroom brown" on the right to lowlight. I used a regular brush for highlights.
Maybe checking out my pallette will help in figuring out the colors. So high tech!
I use a gold leaf pen and embellish with a few polkadots and squiggles...
Ok-so I can get carried away with a gold paint pen...love to add polka dots.
The final product! This was before I sprayed it with a sealer to bring out the slate color.
You can do this on any type of board...not just slate. Spray paint it black for a base. Add your street number to it or your name with GOLD LEAF PEN!!!

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