Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Lifetime Achievement...

September in the Scouting world means means three things in this household...popcorn sales begin, there will be a great campout at the end of the month, and another advancement ceremony showcases hard work from the spring and summer camp efforts. We are so proud of Patrick in achieving the Boy Scout rank of "Life" scout. It has taken him three years to work his way up and make the requirements to this level. The last and final rank of "Eagle" is what he will begin working on and this will take some time.
Boy Scout Troop 380 Leader Chip Marrin presents the "Life" rank patch and pin to John at Patrick's Court of Honor ceremony on Sept. 21.

Chip talks about what Patrick will now commit himself to in achieving his "Eagle" rank.

Momma puts her official "Life" pin on her Scout sash. A scout's parents receive a pin for every rank he earns. The olive/red side is for Patrick's Boy Scout achievements, the gold/blue side is for Michael's Cub Scout rankings. Michael is now a Bear Cub. Now we just need to stitch the patch to his uniform shirt!

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