Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doodling while I recooperate...

I have been recovering from surgery these past 4 days and have spent the last two organizing my digital photos on my laptop while lounging in bed. I have looked at thousands of pictures and decided some of them needed to be tossed away, created new files and categories for my art and family so that I can find them more easily. I created this collage above of me with all of my "mothers" (my mom, grandmothers, greats...you get the idea.) I think it is interesting to see the similarities in our eyes, faces, etc.

The women on my right are my mother, Mary Ellen Rich Howley, her mother, Margaret Lucille Flanagan Rich, followed by her mother, Ellen Murphy Flanagan, and finally, her mother, my great, great grandmother, Mary Donovan Murphy. To the left of my picture is my father's mother, Anna Doran Howley, her mother, Ann McCann Doran and lastly, my great grandmother Maggie Fogarty (my father's paternal grandmother.) I swapped out my photo with my sisters faces and sent them a copy of them. For my mother, I put her three daughters along with her mother and grandmother. Sure wish I had some photos of my Italian great grandmothers for this project.

Then I unearthed this cute pie...my husband in his prime...age 11? Look at that hair and smile! Hubba, hubba! Here I am in my scratchy wool uniform from St. Judes Catholic School in Atlanta. It was taken in 1969...I was in the second grade and seven years old. I can still feel the slick coating of Aqua Net to keep my cowlic from kicking up!

I love this photo...my mom looks so young and refreshed! I'm sure that was a fun day getting three children under four years of age ready for a photo shoot and making sure you all look spic and span! My guess is this was taken in the late summer of 1965. My sister Ann was 3, David was 6 mos. and I would have just turned 4.

I run a desktop slideshow on all of our computers in the house with all of our photos running on them. It is like getting to flip through old photo albumns all day long!

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