Sunday, November 22, 2009

An ADHD Morning…

Proudly wearing my “if they knew what the heck ADHD was back in the 60’s, I’d be a Concerta Kid” pin, I marvel at the mess in my dining room.  It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas all at the same time.  I have a big week ahead of me painting my friend’s kitchen, so I wanted to get as much done this weekend as I could.   Here’s the scene…Aghhhhhhh!  I got up early this morning and started the coffee and while I was waiting for that…


I started on my stocking project and I’ll keep you posted on my progress…first I drew the pattern on the fabric, cut, pinned and stitched it up.

Nov20090002  Nov20090005

Oops!  Coffee is ready…now on to breaking out the paints…a base coat and wash of

 Nov20090007 Nov20090013

color to match my home…that’s as far as I have gotten…time for another cup of  joe.   I’m not kidding about the ADHD thing.  While the paint is drying on the stocking, I heard a noise out front.  The neighbor’s painters arrived at 8:30 on a Sunday morning!  Unheard of!   So, as all wandering minds do, I was looking out the front door window marveling at my leafless yard that I cleaned up yesterday…


and the little wall table by my front door screamed at me to give him a facelift this morning.  So I put my cup of coffee on the floor, got out my screwdriver and…

Nov20090009 Nov20090011 

put on a few coats of paint.  Not sure what I’m gonna do with these either.  We’ll see where the day takes me.  Where’s my cup of coffee?  Oh yeah, on the floor in the entry-did I take a picture of my Thanksgiving decorations yet?  Let me just do that while this coffee is still cold.

Nov20090015 Nov20090017 Nov20090019 Nov20090023Nov20090021  Nov20090025 Nov20090027

See that pink reflecting in the mirror?  More of the chaos of the dining room/craft room…

Nov20090029 Nov20090031 Nov20090037 Nov20090039 Nov20090041

Into the kitchen…I’m not a trendy person but you will find an abundance of three things in my home decor.  Urns, black and white (especially checkerboard, stripes and damask) and fleur de lis.  Can’t get enough of small iron urns in the kitchen.  Hey!  There’s the coffee maker…time for a refill.


Now into the living room.

Nov20090045 Nov20090047


Aengus (our dog) needs to go out…let’s see if any leaves have blown onto my lawn in the back.  Where’s my cup?  It’s perfect outside this morning…about 52, brilliant and leafless!  Think I will sit here for a minute to finish this cup.

Nov20090056 Nov20090059  

It’s an urn thing…and a perfectly normal ADHD kind of day for me.  Got lot’s accomplished and it’s only 10:30!   It might be time for another cup!

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