Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Blast from the Past

Several years ago at about this time of the year, I was swamped up to my eyeballs!  My girlfriend Julie and I rented a booth at our Junior League’s Christmas Market to sell our candles, gifts and the banners I was painting.  It was a lot of fun and a wonderfully creative time for me.  I would paint canvas banners 10-12 hours a day to get all of my orders finished and ready for Christmas.  Looking back at this picture of our booth makes me tired!  J1024x768-02508 J2048x1536-02867DSCN1672

I painted banners for about 3 years and most of them were custom orders…here’s a peek look back at them all.

J2048x1536-02903 J2048x1536-02906 J2048x1536-02938 J2048x1536-02940 J2048x1536-02955  J2048x1536-02841 J2048x1536-02846 J2048x1536-02864 J2048x1536-02866 J2048x1536-02869 J2048x1536-02870 J2048x1536-02872 J2048x1536-02875 J2048x1536-02887 J2048x1536-02889 J2048x1536-02894 J2048x1536-02907 J2048x1536-02925 J2048x1536-02952 J2048x1536-02953 J2048x1536-02942 J2048x1536-02948 J2048x1536-02956 J2048x1536-02960 J2048x1536-02961 J2048x1536-02962 J2048x1536-02963

 J2060x1232-02407     J2048x1536-02967

Here are a few more pics of other paint jobs I have done.  Above is a camp trunk…


A welcome baby sign I rented out…. and painted our church on old slate roof tile.

DSCF2664 2008_1224summer080024

Wall art to send to college with my friend’s daughter…and custom painted Uggs.

Sept20090003 Sept20090025

Art to match my niece’s bedroom a bench I painted to match my client’s room.

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