Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I’m working on these days…


For Thanksgiving


I saved these slate tiles from our church when the roof was replaced this year and painted a picture of the church on it to be auctioned at our Ladies Auxiliary Bazaar.



What’s a girl to do with bags and bags of Mardi Gras beads in her attic?  Make beaded Christmas trees for her friend’s Christopher Radko collection.  Another Jennifer project…we saw an idea in a Christmas magazine that was no where near a cute as this.  It took lots of time to put it together and I think she is still pulling all the glue gun strands from the tree.  But it was worth it…it looks perfect  with all of her Radko ornaments.


We spray painted a paper mache cone black and hot glued Mardi Gras beads in a pattern that complimented her ornaments.


What a yummy mess!  Look at those colors!


Here’s the finished product.  The big pink beads at the top and bottom were the beads Jennifer through from her float at her first Mardi Gras Parade. her float at her first Mardi Gras Parade.2008_0125MemorialDay20070004



Swanky Santa


Dying bottle brush trees…


And a candy colored wreath for Jennifer.  I got her started by wrapping a straw wreath with silver glitter ribbon and then major glue gun action on the shatterproof plastic ornaments.  Are you seeing a pattern here with the colors on this entry…vibrant jewel tones for Jennifer this year.  We are “freshening up” her decorations by enhancing with a major punch of color.   Stay tuned!


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