Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bewitching Garage Halloween Party!

 Shields B 1 Shields B 3Shields B 5

OK- one cluttered garage, one hard working husband and wife team, their crafty friend, and 7 hours on Halloween day.   Mike cleaned out the bikes and boxes,  and went to get the food and candy.  In between all that, he pulled out his 4 wheeler, hooked up his trailer, put bales of hay on it and tricked it out with a serious collection of spooky Halloween lights.  In the meantime, Ellen got busy cleaning up the house for the party and I got busy in the garage.  I covered up all of the storage shelves by draping them with plastic tablecloths over them and swagging  lights and balloons. 

shields 1


Shields A1 

The food tables are set and ready to go with creepy spider webbing, skulls, chains and pumpkins.

SHields A 2

The appetizer table is wickedly adorned with skull trees, spider webs and candy.

Shields A 3

Mike’s gun safe becomes a focal point for a witch and the ghost is actually a couple of boxes of  fireworks that I disguised as a ghost.  Ellen came up with the basketball head!

Shields A 4 Shields A 5 Shields A 6

Mike and Ellen have a huge collection of Halloween lights and we used it everywhere…all but on the turkey feathers!

Shields A 7  Shields A 9 Shields A 11

The big spider web takes center ceiling.

Shields A 13

The mantle in the living room…

Shields A 14

 Shields A 15

And the mantle in the den…cool trees Ellen found at Hobby Lobby.

Shields A  10  

And lastly, the bar in the garage complete with bleeding candles and cockroaches. 

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