Monday, November 9, 2009

Angie’s Restyled Kitchen

What was recently a dated and dark 1950’s style kitchen is now bright and cheery. I spent a long weekend with my sister-in-law to start and complete this project and we were busy every single minute. Angie did a lot of prep work before I arrived by taking off cabinet doors, handles and hinges, etc. She has wonderful friends (Tresa and Ronnie) who helped her with these chores and also bought her a new stove! Angie 10 I did my homework and got busy stitching up new window treatments, covers for the washer and dryer, Angie 11 and a “curtain” to hide the water hook ups for the washing machine that were visible. Angie 8 Day one we got busy priming all the doors and the cabinets. This took many hours to dry sufficiently because the weather was humid…that’s ok…we had lots to do in the mean time.Angie 9It’s looking like a mess but good things are happening. Notice the new paint color on the wall behind the washer and dryer. Befores and Afters…Before 7 Angie 3

Notice the new lighting fixtures over the sink, ceiling and on the counters. A new and larger shelf hangs over the stove. Why aren’t the cabinets doors up? We had ordered the wrong type of hinge and are waiting for the right ones to arrive.Angie1We added new baskets to hid all of the animal’s food and Angie added the black mats on top of the machines for easier clean up. The washer and dryer skirts were hung with velcro. A cluttered sink counter below.Before 6 Angie 4

Before 1

Angie and I debated on removing the lonely cupboard in this corner. We decided to use it for display

Angie 2 Before 5 Angie 7

I lined the back of the cupboard with scrapbook paper to make Angie’s seldom seen china “pop.”

Before 4 Angie 5

Before 2

Before I arrived, Angie spent many long hours sorting through the contents of her cupboards and ended up sending 10 boxes of things she wasn’t using to charity.

Angie 6I can’t wait to see pictures of the room WITH the cabinet doors on! When Angie gets some time, she is determined to lay these new tiles over the old lino! Won’t that pull it all together?!Angie 12

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