Friday, March 4, 2011

The Beauty of Bugs

I’ve always gotten a chuckle from my son’s friends making remarks about the “bugs” I painted a few years ago.  One painting hangs in the dining room and the other one over Michael’s bed…’cause he’s my little bug.



Guess it all goes back to my fascination with June bugs…my great Aunt Mille would call me that every once in a while when I was little because I was born in June.  One sweltering fourth of July day in Atlanta, while sitting outside with all of the old folks listening to them reminiscing about the old days, a bug landed on my leg and I was about to swat it away…until I realized that it was the most beautiful color I had ever scene.  I just stared at it and let it walk up my leg.  Millie said, “Mary Eileen!  There’s a bug on you!  Do you know what kind of bug that is?”  I barely heard her over my amazement of the metallic greenish blue.  “That’s a June bug!” Millie winked at me.  And I have been in love with the beauty of bugs ever since.  Weird, huh?  But just look at them…


Southern June Bug


Some other glorious metallic June bug




stink bug…


They are as lovely and intricate as flowers.  I particularly love stink bugs…the colors and patterns are wonderful.  Does this one above look familiar?  I changed the orange to turquoise in my painting for Michael’s room!  It’s a green stink bug.


I have a little collection of bugs in all shapes and forms…here’s a little something that sits on my credenza from time to time.

I also save retro bug clipart and prints…

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I am framing some prints that I have been holding on to for a while to hang in my breakfast room.  I asked John and the boys if my collection of bug prints would bother them while they were eating.  (Like it really matters, after all, I am the queen of this castle and do what I want!)

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