Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Won Big Time at the Wynn!

I was a Vegas virgin until last weekend.  Truth be told, I’ve never really had any interest in going.  But I’m glad I did…we went to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday and had a good time with friends.  Talk about another world…there was one I was particularly pleased to step into…the world of Wynn.   John and I walked over from Caesar's to have lunch at the “Country Club.”  Outside the entrance, I was dumbstruck at the massive pines surrounding the property, the rush of water falling into a huge pool below as the desert and the Sierra Nevada mountains disappeared from my view.  We stepped into a visual candy store that overwhelmed me with such colorful whimsy, I pulled out my camera like an Asian tourist to capture the delights!  At first John was amused…


The colors made me smile…childish and happy…sophisticated and seductive


I couldn’t get enough of the gold leafed walls with flowers, the texture of the walls and miles and miles of dense fringe and bullion trimmings.



Happy silk stripes in Mackenzie-Childs Torquay red and yellow…and check out that massive lantern


chocolate browns with cinnabar reds, gold leaf painted on scalloped ceiling trays…


every step deeper into the hotel and casinos took my breath away…as my husband’s breath was growing more labored and agitated!  Look at this fresh arrangement!


I loved the unexpected yumminess of this tufted pear velvet sofa with black and white trim


only to round the corner to see the wide maize and cornflower blue stripes on Louis chairs…and check out the swags and tassels overhead!  


Too bad we had just had a fantastic lunch at the Country Club bar and restaurant over looking the golf course, where I spared John photographical embarrassment, because I really wanted to go inside The Buffet Restaurant to take close ups of the famous topiary light fixtures.




The chic and elegant casino floor with massive shaded chandeliers…


and more of the chocolate ceilings with cream trim and gorgeous moldings…pagoda-ish fixtures?


At this point, John is way ahead of me and not speaking to me and I’m not really sure if we are still in the Wynn or it’s sister property, Encore.  Who cares…look at these red and cream checkerboard Parisian café chairs and pendants!


Who dreams of sculpted waves on the ceilings with chandeliers of colored glass the size of a trampoline?  The nerd in me had to find out…internationally acclaimed architectural interior designer Jacques Garcia!


Butterflies are everywhere from the mosaic tiles on the floor…


to the beaded creatures on the ceilings.


Chunky lattice on the ceilings as well…


and used as stiles on the window ceilings.


Another gaming parlor with cranberry red glass chandeliers…check out the stools!


Cinnabar sculpted fabric on the walls  with butterflies and those wonderful wavy ceilings


lead you to the pool area… with a maze of dwarf boxwood hedges and perfectly blooming annuals…the elevated urns are gorgeous, too!  And just when I think my heart and brain can’t take another moment of design titillation…


we stumble upon another poolside/casino side bar…look at this ceiling treatment!  Jellyfish? Locules?


The chocolate and cinnabar window cornices are upholstered…and the bar posts resemble the massive urns outside.


Lush…just because they can…look at that trim!  This was a 2.7 billion dollar job, after all!


I have hardly talked about the amount of real plants in and outside of this hotel…many times you feel like you are in a jungle with perfectly manicured and blooming begonias to cushion the feathers of this magnificent illuminated peacock!


Nice way to say “no entry” without actually saying it!


Incredible amounts of real plants…this is just around a sign post.  Then we round the corner to find my tried and true…


black and white stripes!  Too bad you can’t see the cool red tufted banquet along the wall or the neon green chandeliers.


At this point, John is doing his best to leave the building…this is what the exit looked like… a massive beveled quilted mirror and


gargantuan ceramic flowers with beaded butterflies…


the opposite wall…


black lattice work, red striped and scalloped awnings everywhere…


and one final flutter goodbye from the mosaic butterflies.  This hotel is a masterpiece!

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