Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Refresh Your Easter Decorations!

Just move ‘em around to a new place and mix with other items already in your house to get a fresh, new look.  Super easy and very nice to your wallet!  Nice!


Last year found the Bunnykins on the English cupboard in the kitchen among silver baby cups and rustic miniature urns.


This year finds them on the dining room table perched on top of hobnob cake stands and nestled in between gigantic jelly beans.  The look is totally different and refreshing from the table scape seen below on last year’s table!Dec20090037_thumb[8]


A collection on different bunnies in cloches and a large lidded jar of speckled eggs were on the credenza in the foyer last season.  A rustic iron terrarium is now in it’s place and houses a spring habitat complete with bunny, urn with a robin’s nest, another urn with pansies and a quince twig.IMG_1256

Look closer to see the terrarium lined with dry split peas, the “nest” is Spanish moss, and the “quince” blossoms are make from paper. 



Malted milk eggs, pink Peeps and pink tulips gave a whimsical look to the buffet in the dining room…


now a trio of paper butterflies grace the top of each of the lidded glass jars filled with gold and speckled eggs, large pastel Easter eggs, and over sized jelly beans!  And the chocolate bunny has been moved to center out the arrangement.


Which brings us back to the beginning…the English cupboard was simply outfitted with a small collection of eggs amongst my steadfast urns and baby silver.


And some things will never change…the little French waiter bears a tray of Easter eggs for your pleasure.


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