Friday, March 11, 2011

In His Own World…

It’s awfully quiet in the house today.  Patrick was hired by a friend to wait in place for him for the new IPad 2 at Best Buy this afternoon.  That’s him…#6 in line with a book, I Touch, cell phone, water and snacks.  We forgot sun protection = big mistake! IMG_1115

Meanwhile, back at the castle, it is very quiet… I’m watching TV about the horror of the earthquakes and tsunamis that are happening in Japan today.  I guess I had been piddlin’ around in the kitchen for a few hours before I realized that I had forgotten Michael was in the house with me.  “Michael!?  What are you doing?” I voiced.  “Mmmm, playing  with my Legos,” he placidly replied.  The boys and I had cleaned the house that morning and usually his Legos are all over the house, so I told him to clean them up and keep them off the floor. 



It’s an art form unto itself and he could play with them for hundreds of hours straight.  He has built so many things throughout the years and I never take pictures of them.  He does the same with Army men and has built replica scenes of Normandy, The Bulge, Santa Ana at the Alamo and, of course, Army vs. Star Wars Lego.

He adores them and it makes him happy…so that makes me happy!   I loved playing with Legos, too!


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