Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Storage Star!

I caught a glimpse of heaven today and I had to share.  It is the ul-ti-mate in home storage areas.  My friend and her husband built their dream home a few years ago and carefully thought about all the little details that makes this house special.  From the pull out steps in the cabinetry to give her kids a boost to reach counters, to strategically placing doors, staircases and sinks to make their busy lives easier.  It’s loaded with great ideas, comforting fabrics and furniture, family heirlooms and practical rooms that just make you happy for them.  Sure, it’s a big, beautiful home…but the rooms I will remember the most were tucked in the back and not seen by most. 

Let’s talk more storage space than you can possibly imagine a residential home offering!  She loves to decorate her house for the holidays and wanted plenty of space to store it all in…mission accomplished!


This holiday décor storage room has floor to ceiling shelves to handle oversized boxes, etc. 


Can you tell what holiday she loves the most???!!!  Lots of orange in here!  It’s a wonderful space and the holiday décor storage room is off of the main storage room…the size of my garage…and it also has more space upstairs with entry from this dropdown staircase.



Old furniture like baby cribs, dressers, camp trunks, etc. are all here!  Jealous?? Just wait…there’s more!


On the opposite side of the main storage room is the third storage room that houses building items and blueprints, furniture and the geothermals/hot water tank.


Now, believe it or not, there was one more room in the house that had been planned to be another storage room!  My friend decided to turn it into an art room for her children and added the neon colored lino tiles on the floor.  Each child has their own station…and get to draw on the walls when and where ever they want!!  They love it and so do their friends!  I would love all of this…just for me!  Thanks for letting peek into your “off limit rooms!”  They are wonderful!


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