Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Emerald Scene…

I’m a little out of whack with my St. Patrick’s decorations…guess it’s because of Lent arriving so late this year.  I don’t usually do a whole lot…there’s a lot of Ireland in my house everyday!  I’m terribly Irish with a big pinch of Italian and my English/Czech husband has adopted himself to the Emerald isle after our first trip there.  The funny thing is, the Irish don’t celebrate St. Paddy’s day the way Americans do.  It is truly a religious feast day…they go to mass and wear real shamrocks (the tiny ones not like the large leafed plants found here) pinned to their sweaters.  If they live in a big town like Dublin, Cork, Limerick, etc., it’s off to the big parade, then pop in a pub for lunch and back home.    No green beer, no ridiculous green outfits, and revelry in the streets like idiots…(well, maybe a few!)  Very refreshing if you ask me. IMG_1173

This little plaque greets one and all at our kitchen sink 365 days a year.



We try to purchase original Irish art when we travel there to remember our wonderful visits.  The above is a cattle farmer in the Mayo mountains on the northwestern coast.

IMG_1172This heifer mooed in John’s ear…he fell in love with her…

while I had to have these cottages in the autumn…


And below is another wild one of a sheep in the mountains of Connemara…



Lots of cows, goats and sheep in Ireland…especially sheep.


We’ve have lots of Irish mementos to remind of our Eire…sheep and Irish pints can always be found at my house…


as well as claddaghs,


Celtic crosses,




more cows,


and of course, my little French waiter is decked out in his green!


We’ll try to make a wonderful dinner from our favorite Irish cookbook…


and dream of our next visit to the Emerald Isle…it can never come to quickly!

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